Twitch deploys trackers even when personalized ads have been turned off

Despite not providing consent to personalized ads or information gathering (on both Twitch and Amazon), potential trackers are still showing up in Privacy Badger. Whether or not they are collecting information about me is another question, but listen, what would you trust more to not spy on you: a security camera said to be disabled, or no security camera at all? And I can't just take Twitch's word for it, Google might be collecting information. I've done testing, and ads display perfectly fine with these scripts blocked, they seemingly have no function unless they are tracking me. The only sensible thing to do by Twitch is to actually respect the privacy consent settings and don't run these scripts at all.

EDIT: As pointed out in the comments Google Analytics does not collect information for the purposes of targeted advertisement. My concern is about Google adservice and Amazon adsystem.

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