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Articles from Tuesday, December 04, 2018.

Use Case: How Casperr is building Extensions easier with the Config Service

Simple front-end Extension working without a back-endTechnology shouldn’t stifle your creativity.

12 days ago Twitch Blog - Medium

When will I get paid from someone's bulk, pre-paid 6-month subscription? Month to month or their moment of purchase?

Last night someone subscribed to my channel by purchasing a 6-month option, so their auto-renewal isn't set until 6 months from now.

12 days ago /r/Twitch

The tastiest treats, in sticker form!

12 days ago @WatchMixer

Yes, @Harada_TEKKEN.

13 days ago @Twitch

🔎 We are aware of an issue preventing offline channels from viewing their total Sub count on the Live Dashboard pag…

13 days ago @TwitchSupport

What the hell do we do if Article 13 passes fully?

I've not been streaming long, but I've been youtubing for a while.

13 days ago /r/Twitch
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