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Articles from Monday, January 07, 2019.

How Twitch integration doubled all-time minutes watched in a month

Q&A with Motion TwinWe caught up with Steve Filby, Marketing Manager at Motion Twin, an indie game studio based in Bordeaux, France, to talk about their wildly popular game Dead Cells and its integration with Twitch.

8 days ago Twitch Blog - Medium

[Serious] Why do people donate money to BIG streamers on Twitch?

This is not a criticism of the people who do that, I'm just trying to understand the psychology of all this.

8 days ago /r/Twitch

Would other people agree that a low effort rule be enforced? We see the same 5 questions everyday. OG streamers figured it out for themselves, this new wave can’t be bothered to Google.

I don’t mean to sound like a “get off my lawn” and I’m sorry if I’m coming off as condescending.

9 days ago /r/Twitch

Twirch desktop app giving anyone issues?

Twitch desktop app keeps popping up with a message saying it has lost internet connection and is reconnecting.

9 days ago /r/Twitch

Path of Exile Streamer Zizaran sets the record for most time spent streaming on Twitch in a 30 day period, with over 500 total hours.

For those not wanting to do the math, that's 16.

9 days ago /r/Twitch
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