Must-have tool for streamers (EqualizerAPO)

Recently I've started using an amazing tool I found called EqualizerAPO. It's something I've seen mentioned a few times but only tried it properly in the past few days.

I think it is a tool that most streamers really need. It allows you to apply all the filters that you would for your stream across your entire PC with little to no CPU hit. This means you can have that beautiful EQ (and other filters) on both your stream and in Discord or whatever software you might use for VOIP.

If you haven't yet, definitely give it a try. I used to avoid software enhancements mostly since they usually have a large CPU hit and can sometimes distort your voice. So far, I've had no issues with EqualizerAPO after I set it up correctly.

I would recommend watching a tutorial instead of doing what I did (try figure it out and get hopelessly stuck); this one helped me though there are a few tuts out there:

You can find the software here:

I would also recommend these VSTs for more filters:

Do many other people use/know about this?

It seems incredibly useful for me at least.

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