Just a little PSA about buying bits on the website VS. the app

Hey guys! Just your usual viewer here! I just noticed something recently that wasn’t the best thing..the official twitch app is asking for more money per bit. Now this is in no way Twitches fault, I just want to make that perfectly clear. Twitch has their own price for their bits and that is clearly labeled on their website.

IOS/PlayStore are increasing their price for bits so they can have a cut of what we give the streamer. I understand they need to make money too and all but for someone like me who donates bits often..this was really sucky to find out. Not to mention...the price difference is quite alarming...

Here are the pricing differences between the official twitch website and the official twitch app:

(Bit - Cost)

Website 100- $1.40 500- $7.00 1,500- $19.95 5,000- $64.40 10,000- $126.00 25,000- $308.00

App: 95- $1.99 245- $4.99 510- $9.99 1,050- $19.99 2,750- $49.99 5,550- $99.99 11,500- $199.99

Now you can obviously see the price difference is huge. I’ve wasted around 100$ (100$ that could have gone to the streamer) because I was buying through the app. I understand having the struggle of not having a computer but you can still reach the website on your phone browser!

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