Mental Health/Therapist doing education/discussion streams?

I am going to start doing streams based around the idea of sharing my two passions, streaming and being a therapist. My idea is very much a skeleton atm, but I would love to have many different topics ranging from the autism spectrum to sex therapy.

I have a few questions for you all and would love any and all input. * What format would you like best for this type of things? (I would give my own idea for this, but I would hate to limit people's thoughts on this one in particular) * What topics are you passionate about and would like to learn more about? * What does the Twitch community need to know more about and you feel isn't talked about enough or accurately? * If something were to turn you away from watching this type of thing, what would it be?

These are just a few questions I thought of on the top of my head. Feel free to comment about something not pertaining to these specific questions.

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