I am so sick of the current ad algorithm's

I am sure this post has been made a million times, so I apologize for that, but needed to rant.

There has been almost a countless amount of times in the past year that the same Ad would play 5-10 times in a row, and even ignoring that every time I swap streamers to watch I would see the same ad start up. I don't care about seeing ads, to be honest as a web developer I love them and love the way they can keep websites free, but please for the love of god stop showing me the same 2-3 ads in a monthly rotation on repeat.

For the time being I am not going to watch mobile because that is where you get it the worst it seems for me, but I am going to offer a quick idea to help with this....

Show more ads of different variety.

Its that simple, I am sure there would be a lot less angry people about ads if they did not get forced to watch the same 3 repeatedly for a month. Show us some variety, and us that are okay with ads will love you.

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