Problem: I have a kid in my community that I want to remove

EDIT: Hey y'all, thanks for the comments. He has been banned from my community as of now and I'm going to be more straight up about the fact that my channel is mature content in the future. <3

I'm a bit of a recovering people-pleaser. Streaming has actually helped it a lot, but this situation is trying me.

I run a mature stream. I want to have the freedom to swear, talk about 18+ topics, and just do the things that a stream not geared toward kids does. I am not interested in being family-friendly entertainment. Playing Bendy and the Ink Machine on stream ended up attracting some kids to my stream though, however.

If they don't talk about their age, it's all good. At the same time, it's easy to tell who is a kid, and who isn't.

There is one kid in my stream that I'm racking my brain over how to handle. He has mentioned in my chat at least twice that he is 11. He's a creative spirit and a sweet kid, but he's really not a good community fit for the following reasons:

  1. Has mentioned at least once that he wanted to kill himself (to which I responded like any good streamer should, by telling him that he needs to stop saying those things in chat, because he either needs to seek out professional help, or he's just trolling and that's not cool)
  2. He has a creative spirit and since he's a kid, he also craves validation, so one time, he came up with a backstory for one of his comic characters and then told the chat "If I have two people who say *this phrase* in the chat, then I'll use this backstory for my character" and would just pester the chat constantly, asking people to say *the phrase.* At one point, I had to tell him "Look friend, I don't think you'll get what you want here, so just go ahead with the backstory! You can choose to do it on your own"
  3. He's generally just a handful when it comes to him expressing his feelings of rejection. It's easy for me to handle adult's feelings of rejection, but I feel like whenever he says something like "No one wants to be in my comic" I'm being asked to parent him. He always will loudly proclaim that he's ugly and things like that and it just brings me down. Talking to adults, and setting boundaries around those conversations with adults, is way easier than it is with children for me.
  4. Will consistently ask me to play games with him, and get sad over the fact that we can't play many games with each other because he doesn't have a PC

Generally, he's just not really the kind of person that I want in my community. I recently had a 16 year old in my chat, and that's fine, 16 is a completely different life stage that I think can handle my kind of content, but 11 is TOO young. Per the suggestion of other broadcasters, I reported his account for being underaged, and he got banned (I've heard that we, as broadcasters, are obliged to report underage kids, though after the fact, I heard that it's really not a big deal from a liability standpoint, but whatever, what's done is done.)After being banned, he came into my discord, told everyone he was banned, and that his email says that the reason why he was banned was because he "didn't upload frequently enough" (which is obvious bullshit, you don't need to stream or upload content in order to have a twitch account) and that he was banned for 30 days, which I highly doubt, unless he got the wrong email from Twitch, cause there's no point to ban someone underaged for only a month. This set off bells in me that told me that he was lying about why he was banned.

After I announced my stream on Monday, he was chatting in my announcement board, hoping that I would respond to him as I was streaming. Naturally I didn't.

I want to ban him from my discord and just call it a day. I know my community is my community. I know it's my space. I guess I'm just afraid of backlash. I'm afraid that others in my community will leave over it, or hate me. I was the one who reported his account, and I'll be the one blocking him from my Discord. I know that there are a lot of people in my community who have my back and would understand if I said 'having him in my community makes me uncomfortable and is personally difficult for me because this is an adult channel' but at the same time, I don't know that at all.

What do you all think? Have you dealt with something like this before? Did you block someone from your community that was a regular for a month or two and have to deal with any significant backlash? or did your community understand? If it was a kid, did you do the banning quietly, or did you announce your decision?

I'm mainly looking for validation in blocking this kid, and I'm having a hard time doing it on my own. Thanks!

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