Emulators - Allowed to play >1000 ROMS in stream?

Okay so, let's suppose a person would like to finish all the games of a retrĂ² console as a challange, example GBA. Since GBA games are around 1500, it is "not likely to happen" that the streamer, even if he doesn't tell that, owns all the games to be allowed to emulate them.

In this case, just like the case of NESMania, how could a person start a challenge like that since using emulators in Twitch are not allowed if you do not own the games?

In case no one would ever care, how about the possible award that this person might get at the end? All his efforts would become a waste of time since he didn't own the games and thus, they don't count? ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/176pFv9a3AJIe14VavJFwFSWdLRK9TZ-5uSy3rFyhoZA/edit#gid=0 )

Thank you in advice and apologize for my bad English.

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