Let's talk about clips

Twitch implemented clips nearly 3 year ago and it is a great tool for us to save small snippets of cool moments from our favorite streamers. In early days clipping was lacking many basic features we take granted in 2019 - like editing the clip start and end. Over time Twitch tried to implement new features to clip editor, for example a way to slow down or speed up segments of the clips or how for a week we could pick our own thumbnails for the clips or keyboard shortcuts to do the clip editing.

But these experiments were not in 2018 - in last year mostly bad things were happening to clips.

Starting from https://www.twitch.tv/manager/clips page that have been modified numerous times, most of witch implemented a new clearly noticeable bug that ended up in end product, still some elements of the page are sometimes off the screen - showing how little Twitch cares about testing new stuff. These mistakes are making finding clips harder for no real reason.

Secondly for some time they decided to remove clips button from streamers page and implementing new way to browse clips - making clips discovery and viewing utterly miserable compare to the old implementation - luckily by now they have backtracked on some of it and implemented new features making it different clips viewing experience.

Above mentioned changes also brought us the new clip URL format of https://www.twitch.tv/<streamer>/clip/<slug> that is nicer but sadly this does still not work properly when placed in Twitch chat. I personally like this change, but poorly implemented. because people should be able to share clips on twitch chat without complications.

Last year we had fun collection of clips of the year https://clips.twitch.tv/2017/<streamer> - it had 12 clips, most viewed clip of each month. Nothing like this for year 2018 - not even bothered to reuse the code from year ago to make a cool "nostalgia trip" of clips, and yes, the 2017 one does not work any longer.

But the worse thing about clips in 2019 in my opinion - the clip editor is as unstable as it was last year or the day it was implemented. Back then we could forgive them because it was a new feature and they were implementing and experimenting with new stuff but these days are over - this feature should be stable by now.

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