I’m seeing this “I’ve only been averaging 2 viewers for months” and this F4F/L4L thing everywhere and I can’t stress what I’m about to say enough.

DON’T JUST STREAM. Don’t go about your day, stream, then go to bed (example order). You need to select some channels with a community around them (DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BIG. Don’t go into a channel with like 500 viewers, 4Head). You should be in that channel (and it needs to be way more than just 1 channel) as much as humanly possible. This is one of MANY things that should be done. But don’t promote yourself, just hang out there MAKE FRIENDS. Honestly, if you’re a streamer and you really want to grow and you DON’T have at least 2 channels where when you go in and say hi and the majority of that streamer’s chat uses their hi emotes and welcomes you, then don’t expect to grow.

2 months before I started streaming (before I even knew I wanted to start streaming) I would (and still do) hang out in a bunch of chats. I’ve seen those streamers blow up and have had help from them and made so many friends that have helped my own channel. When I started streaming it took me less than 2 weeks to get affiliate because of the connections I’ve made simply by wanting to make friends.

Honestly, you might find yourself hanging out in other people’s chats more than you do actually streaming yourself, and that’s okay.

Edit: You should have the mindset of making FRIENDS with everybody in that chat, not just the streamer and not being there with the sole purpose of boosting your own channel

Edit 2: Whether y’all accept or reject my advice is up to you, but if you’re going to take away one thing from this post, it’s that you can’t just only stream.

Edit 3: I realize that this post is very results oriented. I’m not saying be a damn leach. If you build genuine friendships with people you will grow.

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