1000 Post about tips and so called "guides"

Curiosity strikes hard in these times, people want to know how to transform streaming into jobs or at least have a hobby that is being sucessfull.

On this subreddit, every passing day, you have people asking for information, people giving information and people showcasing fun clips here and there.

I am here to ask one thing, after having seen more than enough guides here, alongside the comments commonly appearing in there.

What does it take for you to take the information for granted ? What person needs to be the writer of such things ?
I keep seeing information being thrown away, because Random Guy #250 made a guide about how to get more viewers.
But when its an actual partner, it passes through better. I mean, i get the point, nor am i writing in rage of any possible "guide" i've made, but anyone issuing a statement here is always walking on thin ice when it comes to reception.

What makes you feel like the information you are granted is valid, when it comes to streaming, a hobby with an almost unpredictable sucess rate (and its lack of algorythm) , since we have learned that most of the tricks are not things you just "replicate" ?

Did my explanation go all over the place ? Probably, hope you'll excuse me for that, if you want me to try an explain (as briefly as I can, as the longer I go, the more i get lost myself), do ask, i'll make sure to answer.

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