Minor recommendations to new streamers

  1. Do not have a bot calling out newcomers to your channel. You know those people you walk by in the street who try and stop you and tell you about the reason they are standing speaking to random strangers? that is kinda how your bot is. get rid of it.

  1. Put some panels below your stream, even just like 5 or 6 (About, Schedule, Goals, Rules, Affiliations)

  2. Setup a stream profile/overlay. Tons of platforms has a wide variety of awesome ones to use.

  1. Create a schedule and try and stick to it. if you miss a day or 2, that is ok but for the most part try and make that schedule definitive. Best recommendation, 3 days a week

  1. Do not take part in F4F/L4L communities. They do not work. short term you may see some success. Long term it can affect your channel/morale negatively.

  1. If doing giveaways, ensure you are not breaking any laws in regards to the giveaway(for example in the UK, we cannot have giveaways that involve people entering with money unless it is for a charitable cause)

  1. Always pay and credit artists/designers for their work. They put time into their work and should not be expected to work for "exposure"

  1. Understand streaming will not be an overnight success.

  1. Familiarise yourself with frequent troll tactics such as the /me command and song request door knocking

  1. Ensure you have past broadcasts enabled and get into a routine of checking your mic settings and preparing your stream promotion messages/posts before going live.

  1. Do not post your stream in other channels or in the twitch subreddit.

  1. Activate automod and familiarise yourself with features to keep you safe, follower only mode etc. - ok folks seems not able to understand this one. Im not saying acticate follower only mode in saying familiarise yourself with it and other features. By all.means activate automod.

  1. don't be a dick. If you cannot control what you say/do then you are not gonna be on twitch for very long.

I got bored and decided I'd post one of my own guides for some new folk around here. just a few tips not necessarily to success but to help new folk get the ball rolling and keep themselves in the right.

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