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Thank You, Global Moderators

An Update to the Global Moderator ProgramAs Twitch has grown and evolved, so has our approach to ensuring that the community has tools to stay safe.

2 hours ago Twitch Blog - Medium

They should let us "favorite" streams we follow so they appear at the top of our followed streams on the left sidebar.

I hate having to click "show more" 2-3 times, accidentally clicking on some other stream on my follow-list and due to Twitch being a laggy POS of a website I have to wait like 1-2 minutes until I can finally click on the correct stream, god forbid I click wrong again because the "show more" button is so unrealiably laggy.

7 hours ago /r/Twitch

Put down the Smash for like two seconds and take a break with our final Thursday Night Football game of the season.

10 hours ago @Twitch


1 day ago Trending Clips - Twitch

There’s no place like home for the holidays.

1 day ago @Twitch